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REO-T5 DB Spikes (S)

REO-T5 DB Spikes (S)

REO-T5 DB Spikes (S) is a T5 food grade belt with small spikes on the conveying side to provide higher grip to the products. Perfect for slicing machines. 

Available Colors / Materials: Dark blue

    REO-T5 DB Spikes (S) is a FDA and EC10/2011 approved food grade, reinforced with aramid tensile members with reistance to hydrolysis and microbials. The conveying side has small spikes profile to give a higher grip. Most commonly used in slicing applications.


    • Polyether TPU
    • Hydrolysis resistant
    • Anti microbial material
    • Suitable for extreme temperatures
    • Hygienic design for easy cleaning
    • Precise conveying

    Click here to find the datasheet for the REO-T5 DB S belt type. For other support materials, please go to our download section.

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