In recent years, consumers have become more and more aware of industrial food production processes and their importance to obtain food safety. The increased transparency draws attention to every step of production,  resulting in higher scrutiny by official associations and  increased cost of sanitation. The conveyor belts used in production plants play a very important role in the hygienic process.


Zero elongation – Aramid cords as tension members guarantee “no stretch”​


Improved tracking – belt stays in line under all loads and maintenance is reduced.


Increased hygiene – fully homogeneous TPU eases the cleaning process.

Lower cost – less maintenance, shorter cleaning times and less water consumption.


REOclean is an innovative conveyor belt that was originally designed to improve hygiene and lower cleaning cost in industrial food production. The product materials contain no plasticizers and do not contaminate the goods during transport. The cut and abrasion resistant characteristics also make REOclean applicable to many different industrial sectors other than food processing.

REOclean DB (dark blue) line uses the latest polyether based TPU compound, which features both anti-hydrolysis and anti-microbial characteristics, and is able to tolerate extreme temperatures from –40°C to 100°C.

REOclean is a very versatile product. Popular use cases today are in the sub-dividing processes of the meat industry, cheese production, seafood
processing, as well as frozen foods handling. Industries are Poultry, Swine, Beef, Cheese, Fish, and Vegetables, but the material characteristics allow for much broader use in other applications as well.

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